The perfect resume and summary


I am pretty much tired of reading always the same things about people who say they are able to manage teams, that they wholehartedly want to work in cooperation, that they are willing to labour with people. Bullshit. At best, you like to work with someone because you like them as persons, not because you have to like them as they are part of your team. Normally, you prefer to work by yourself, and you are not likely to share credit for your results with them. Hey, it’s carreer, babe.
Why not try to be brave and honest? Say you do not give a damn about your colleagues. Admit you would step on them when it’s about advancements. Confess you would better be alone in your cubicle. Or, say you like to work with somebody just because you like them for real, showing it by giving credit to what they do, but you cut throats with much more pleasure. Think that even Google’s algotithm prefers truth: don’t you think people will discover the real you, sometime?
Ok, let’s get real: you have to find a job, and you are not totally wrong if you think that employers look for people who generally don’t pick their nose in public. But do you really think you will outstand by copying and pasting those few lines you found in some other’s profile? Come on.

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